Smoking exposes your body to hundreds of chemicals. Studies have shown that over forty of these chemicals can cause cancer. Replacing your cigarettes with an electronic cigarette will help you reduce the number of chemicals you are exposing your system to, among other benefits.

Electronic cigarettes release vapor that contains nicotine and water. Nicotine is highly addictive and can cause several health problems but electronic cigarettes do not release any other chemicals. You will not have to worry about tar entering your lungs or about exposing your system to over forty carcinogen chemicals.

Switching to an e-cig can help you quit. Smokers have been using nicotine replacement products for years, including nicotine gum, patches or even chewing tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are a very efficient nicotine replacement product because they provide you with the sensation of smoking. Other nicotine replacement products can satisfy cravings but make quitting difficult because smokers miss the sensation of smoke filling their lungs.

Electronic cigarettes release water vapor and nicotine. This means there is no second hand smoke. This is ideal if you want to be able to smoke around your children or do not want cigarette smoke to linger in your home. Electronic cigarettes also help you eliminate ashes. Keeping your home clean will be a lot easier and your smoking will not longer be an inconvenience for others if you live with non-smokers.

Switching to an electronic cigarette will help you save a lot of money. A cartridge should last as long as two packs. A cartridge costs a fraction of what you would have to spend to get two packs of cigarettes. Buying an electronic cigarette or a starter’s kit can be expensive but you will start saving money very quickly. Savings should cover the initial cost of the e cigarette within a couple of weeks or even less if you smoke a lot.

Electronic cigarettes can help you reduce your smoking. If you are not ready to quit yet or simply want to smoke less, an electronic cigarette could help you satisfy your cravings. It is very easy to take a few puffs from your electronic cigarette and put it away until you crave nicotine again. Lighting a cigarette means that you will smoke the entire thing, even if your cravings disappear after a few puffs.

You should compare different e juice and look for a product that corresponds to your needs. Switching to an electronic cigarette will help you save money and reduce the number of chemicals you expose your system to.